Thursday, 23 October 2014

Kortright Centre for Conservation! Aboriginal Day in the Woods

This week, we traveled to the Kortright Centre for Conservation in Vaughan where the Huron people actually lived! It was so much fun exploring the lands and artifacts that taught us more about the original peoples in Ontario.

What a wonderful experience it was on a nice crisp fall day. 

Take a look at our learning adventure:

Students drank some of this evergreen tea found outside in the forest! Did you know it was used to help the Aboriginal people stay healthy since it is rich in Vitamin C. Yummy...

Cheers to drinking fresh tea.

Students also engaged in a scavenger hunt in the beautiful forest. We found the breathtaking water that was an important part of Aboriginal life. We learned that the water was used in many different ways: drinking, cooking, traveling, finding food, etc.

Underneath all of those colourful leaves is the moss that was used for baby diapers! That absorbent plant along with hide is a great way to make diapers for the Aboriginal babies.

Our journey in the woods continued as we searched for: mushrooms (that were eaten by Aboriginal people), maple trees (for sap), wood used for longhouses, evergreen trees for tea, squirrels/deer/rabbit (for meat), water, etc.

We also had a chance to try some of the activities that the Aboriginal people did 500 years ago. Some of these activities were for fun and other activities were an important part of everyday life.

Take a look at the artifact room! We had a chance to explore all of these artifacts and learn what they were made from as well.

Aboriginal people sure were creative and innovative!!

Can you guess what this artifact is?

Overall, the grade 3s had a spectacular learning experience and have discovered so much more about the Aboriginal people that first settled in Ontario.

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