Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Curriculum Night and Classroom Tour!

For those of you who missed our curriculum night, here is a peak at what was set up for the night...

Some of the Resources Used:

TEXTBOOK RESOURCES: Below are some of the resources (texts) that we use to support the Grade 3 curriculum. Alongside these resources, Ms. Meehan and Ms. Marra are always searching and discovering the most current information and interactive ways to engage with the curriculum. 

WEB RESOURCES: We also use Ontario Education Resource Bank Online, Learn 360, Smarttech Exchange, Nelson Mathematics Online, and other online resources that are constantly being updates with new information.

APPLICATION RESOURCES: Some of the apps that we use on the iPads are as follows: Pearson e-text, Gizmos, Explain Everything, Google Maps, Blogger, Prezi, Raz Kids, etc.

Our classrooms are set up with various comfortable spaces for students to explore their learning and work collaboratively. Students in our class often get to choose where they would like to learn. Some of these areas include:
- Carpet area (with pillows)
- Couch area (with pillows)
- Small group work tables
- Independent work tables
- Beside the class library nook
- On the yoga ball seats
- Outside on the benches in the hall

Thank you for all of the families that came out on curriculum night! It was a pleasure and we are happy to share this post for all of the families that weren't able to make it... !

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