Saturday, 11 October 2014

Collaborative Instruction Writing Activity!

After a few activities with instructions, students felt ready to begin writing their own instructions with a partner. Collaboratively, the students wrote instructions on how to draw a picture of their choice. After they completed their instructions, they went to another pair of students and had them follow their instructions.

If the students following the instructions were able to follow each step carefully and have a final picture similar to the original design, the instructions would prove to be well written. If there were areas that were unclear, students were able to give each other feedback as to different ways that they could improve their instructions.

After practicing with a partner, students have gained even more confidence about writing their own instructions. Next step....writing instructions independently!

Our grade 3s have gotten so good at writing detailed instructions!

Well done! :)


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  2. I am currently teaching Grade 4 at a school in Abu Dhabi. We also teach through inquiry. I have been enjoying your information on Instructional Writing on your blog and I am looking to get some more information. Any chance we can get in contact? Thanks!