Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A 500 year ago Thanksgiving Celebration with our School Family!

On Thursday, we had our Aboriginal Thanksgiving Day Celebration!!
This year we spent the whole day celebrating life as an Aboriginal family. 

Since STORYTELLING was such a significant part of Aboriginal and First Nations life, we began our day with a Cree Story about the Granddaughter that was Eaten by a Big Fish!
Not only are these stories entertaining to listen to, they are also a great learning tool for First Nations people. The elders, traditionally, shared these stories to teach children important lessons.

Following the storytelling, we had the opportunity to experience some authentic Aboriginal music. We got up and began to move our bodies in the ways that felt natural to the beats of the sounds.

Take a look below:

All of the students were so engaged in the sound of the drums and the beat of all the fascinating instruments! Following recess, a few of the Grade 3 students had a discovery to share with the classes. They found objects from outside (during recess), and came together in a group of 5 people to create their own version of Aboriginal music.

They bravely came forward in the class and shared their creative rendition of Aboriginal music using the objects that they found outside in our school yard!

After all of the dancing and storytelling, we had our feast. We ate the traditional Three Sisters foods: beans, corn, and squash alongside our rabbit meat! It was a delicious feast and we were all so thankful for the chance to eat together with our class community.

Students experienced eating this scrumptious food using only a stick -- this was to experience how Aboriginal people ate their food with limited utensils and homemade forks!

What a perfect way to celebrate a community of faith and being thankful! It was a great day remembering our ancestors who respected our land and were the start of this amazing country.


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