Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Unclear, Undetailed and Confusing, Oh My!

Today, Ms. Marra and Ms. Meehan were deliberately confusing. Why you ask? To teach students about the importance of being clear and detailed while giving instructions. Each pair of students were given a piece of paper and were told that they had to follow instructions to create some origami. 

Students were given instructions such as:
"Hold your piece of paper the correct way"
"Fold the corner to the side"
"Fold the other side to the other side"

After we finished our folded paper art, students were asked:
- how they felt during the activity
- why the instructions were difficult to follow
- what could have been done to make the instructions more easy to follow
- why all of the paper creations were different from each other

Students realized that when it came time for them to write their own instructions, that they needed to be detailed and clear so that the person following their instructions did not feel as confused as they did while creating their origami!

Later in the day students practiced giving clear, detailed instructions to a partner about how to tie their shoes. 

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