Wednesday, 17 September 2014

People Patterns

People Patterns in Math!

Patterning in math is more than T-Charts and Pattern Blocks! ... Patterning is found all around us. EVEN within us!

We let the students explore the idea of people patterns outside on a beautiful day! Guess what attributes the students discovered in people?

People attributes:
- Hair colour
- Eye colour
- Uniform colour
- Height
- Gender
- Shoe colour
- Glasses or no glasses

Take a look at the PEOPLE PATTERN below. Can you figure out what attributes are changing in this pattern? (Hint: There are 4 different attributes!) Give up?! See below for the answer...

The changing attributes in this PEOPLE PATTERN were the following:
Hair colour: blonde, brown, blonde, brown, blonde
Eye colour: blue, brown, blue, brown, blue (this one was tricky for you, we know ;)   )
Uniform colour: white, blue, blue, blue, white
Gender: girl, boy, girl, boy, girl

We will continue exploring patterns and begin our new chapter in math soon! 

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