Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Natural Patterning

We have started to learn about patterning.  We decided to grab our bins and head outside to collect some of nature's gifts to use to pattern.  Students explored the great outdoors and picked up many natural treasures. Using these natural objects helped us to understand the different shapes in nature, textures, colours, weight, etc.

We brought them inside and began to explore different ways to organize the materials.  Students were grouping according to type. colour, shape, texture, and even into groups of items found on trees and items found naturally on the ground.  Students were then asked to sort their materials in a different way.  Students began to discover repeating patterns. 

Take a look at our natural object patterns:

See if you can figure out the attributes that were changing.

After a gallery walk around the class, we continued to discover the many patterns that we can make using all of the attributes that we realized natural objects have.

What a great day of learning!

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