Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Let Another Year Begin! Media exploration...

We would like to welcome our newest Grade 3 members! What a wonderful start it has been so far!

There are so many fun learning experiences that we already started in our grade 3 classes.

Today we explored the idea of media and use of colours, layouts, and images used for a specific purpose and to attract a specific audience (or us!). We looked at a few examples of cover pages from some of the picture books that we have in our class library. 

We noticed that they had a lot of similarities, but they also had a few differences

Together we found that cover pages seem to have the following:
- A clear title that is usually at the top of the page
- A picture that relates to the book and gives a clue about something that might happen in a book

We also discovered that some cover pages are different in the following ways:
- They use different colours for the background and title
- They have different fonts for the titles
- Some draw our attention more than others

What did we do next?

After discovering these things about cover pages, we began a group activity that allowed us to pick a cover page that we thought was attractive to us, and we shared with others what we thought made the cover page stand out and what we thought the illustrator could have done to improve it (or make it more appealing to us!).

Take a look at some of our favourite cover pages...

Stay tuned to see how we design our own creative cover pages... 

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