Thursday, 18 September 2014

Ed Camp Facilitators! June 2014

In June of 2014, we were invited to facilitate a session at the Ed Camp hosted by TCDSB. We were thrilled to have another opportunity to collaborate with other professionals on all of the topics that intrigue us most in education; collaboration, the third teacher (environment), inquiry-based learning, 21st century learning, technology, etc.

We designed our discussion space the same way that we like to organize our classrooms... A space that is welcoming/inviting and is able to accommodate all of the different learners in the class.

We tried to organize different spaces in the room that would allow for different groups to form and express ideas and opinions in ways that best suit that individual. In the above photos, you can see our getting started sign, our BYOD tweeting station, our artistic corner...

And a round discussion area with pillows and welcoming music in the background.

The teachers that visited our room were so excited about the space that that became the starting point for our discussion... the role that the environment has on making learners feel comfortable and encouraged to express themselves in various ways.

Take a look at our learning experience:

Everyone felt comfortable and the discussion became so RICH! What an amazing learning experience this day was. We all brought back ideas to share with our classroom students.

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