Tuesday, 13 May 2014

What's 'soil' cool about soil?

This afternoon we went on a walk to collect different types of soils found around our school.

We got our hands dirty in some soil. We made sure not to dig out the grass and other natural plants in the environment!

Take a look at us collecting our samples:

After collecting our soil samples, we came back to class to discuss our next task.

We began exploring soil and discovered that our collected soil looked a bit different than the topsoil we have in our class.

Our soil samples were much lighter in colour and seemed a lot more dry.

We began our experiment of separating soil and analyzing soil particles.

Take a look at what we did:

After shaking the soil around we recorded our observations:

Now we will let them rest and see what happens to the various soil particles. Will we be able to see the difference in soil particles? We will let you know...

Here are the jars after they have sat for 24 hours. We have noticed that the soil has separated into three layers. The bottom layer is sand, the middle layer is clay and the top layer is silt! 

We are going to return our soil to nature now that we are done with our experiments. 

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