Monday, 31 March 2014

Are you tired of doing the same thing everyday?.... Infomercials!

Have you ever wondered about how advertising companies can persuade people to purchase their products? Today we watched a clip from an infomercial and discussed the various techniques that are used.  First, we talked about the root words in the word infomercial. We found the word "info" and "mercial", it's an information commercial! 

After students watched the infomercial clip for the product "Slushy Magic" they all wanted to purchase it!  How did the advertisers do this. Here is a list that we brainstormed together. 

We also discussed why it is important to be critical of the advertising that they see on a daily basis. Students shared their ideas:

- some products might not work properly
- some products might be very expensive
- some products might not be necessary because you can probably use something you have around the house already
- some advertisers want you to think that your life will be better with their product

Next, students will be participating in a design challenge using 3-D shapes and will have to persuade their audience to purchase their product through an infomercial that they will create. 

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