Monday, 11 November 2013

Writing a letter to your Canadian Forces for Remembrance Day

Today, Ms. Meehan and Ms. Marra's classes explored the website  We discussed many of the different text features on the website.  We saw subheadings, titles, links and even discussed twitter and hashtags (#). #welovetextfeatures

We also came across a link that took us to a page where we were able to write a letter to thank our Canadian Force members for all that they do to make our world a better place.  Collaboratively, our classes wrote the following message:

Dear Canadian Forces Members,

We are a grade 3 class in Toronto.  We are writing to you because we want you to know that we appreciate all of the good work that you do to protect our country and help people in other countries as well.

Thank you for being brave and standing up for our country.  We want you to know that you are appreciated and always remembered. 

the grade 3 classes

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