Friday, 22 November 2013

Jolly Postman Christmas Stories Part 1: Research

Jolly Postman Christmas Stories...

Today we began Part 1 of our Jolly Postman Christmas stories.

We began researching a country of our choice to develop the ideas for our stories. Our fun Christmas stories will take place in our selected country and will shed light on some of the Christmas traditions that this country has.

We know that Canada has many Christmas traditions... but we want our Jolly Postman(or woman) to go on an adventure to a country that also celebrates Christmas.

Some of the discoveries we are making about our countries are as follows:
- Which countries celebrate Christmas
- What the Christmas traditions are in our country
- Popular recipes for Christmas in our country
- Common phrases in our country (hello, goodbye, Merry Christmas, etc.)
- The currency in our country
- The three largest cities in our country
- Traditional clothing

All of this information is going to help us develop a thoughtful setting (or settings) for our story, characters, a plot, conflict, and theme.

Take a look at our classes exploring information about Christmas celebrations in our global community....

Collaborating to help each other through our research.

Reading information and recording the important ideas that we find for our stories.

Exploring the beautiful cultures of Christmas from around the world.

Pictures are always worth 1000 words! 

Reading and sharing information together.

Traditional clothing

Discovering together...

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