Thursday, 21 November 2013

Can candy wrappers become art?

We love turning objects that would be destined to end up in the land fill into art!  After Halloween we definitely had access to a ton of candy wrappers and decided to make art with them. A Ziploc bag had been sent home with students a few days before Halloween to begin collecting their wrappers. We began by using Google to look for some examples of art that were created from candy wrappers.  We found pictures of everyday objects including fruit and furniture and even found pictures of famous people.

Next we began to think about our own art.  Students were told that they could create a scene, an object, an animal or anything else that they wanted using the candy wrappers that they had brought in. Some students even cooperated with others around them and offered them wrappers that they didn't need.  After they found their candy wrappers they used their sketch books and created a rough copy.  After the rough copies were complete the students created their master pieces!  Take a look! 

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