Thursday, 7 November 2013

Alphabet School

Ms. Marra and Ms. Meehan were inspired by the book on Alphabet Photography (also known as Alphabet city) for the following activity.

Our classes joined together to explore the book Alphabet City by Stephen T. Johnson.

We looked at the idea of art from a new set of lenses. We discovered that art can be everyday objects, if we look at them differently (or through a different set of eyes!). It was interesting to see that things in a city could be looked at as Alphabet Art. 

After exploring the ideas in the book, we were inspired to go around our school at look for the Alphabet art in our school. 

The "Alphabet School" search began...

What letter do you see? I see an "O" and an "L"

It was fascinating to see all of the art in our school that we never noticed before. The students found over 20 letters by exploring the school and recorded all of their findings in their art sketch books.

What a fun exploration day! 

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