Friday, 4 October 2013

Text in our Community

Ms. Marra's and Ms. Meehan's classes have been discussing kinds of text.  We decided to continue our learning by investigating text that exists all around us in our school community.  With our clip boards in tow we were off!  As soon as we exited the front doors of our school text came popping out of everywhere.  There is so much to read even right outside our doors.

As we continued our walk we heard excited voices and many fingers pointing to the text that seemed to be newly illuminated for our grade threes.  We heard many comments including:
"Wow there's text over there!"
"There's text on the fence!"
"There's even text on the sidewalk!"
"The street sign has text on it!"

After we returned to our classes after the walk we began to share the different types of and places that we found text on our journey. The lists were very long and students proudly compared their notes from the walk. 

Next, in groups, students were given two questions to discuss:
1. Where did we see text? 
2. What was the purpose of the text?

Students had to use critical thinking skills to evaluate the type and purpose of text.  

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