Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Numeration: Numerals, Number Words, Models and More!

We began a focus in math today.  We are learning about numeration and representing numbers in many different ways!  First Ms. Meehan and Ms. Marra introduced some new terms to the students: numerals, number words, models, and expanded form.  Next we started a challenge!  We looked at a two-digit number and brainstormed how we could represent it in as many ways as possible.  We came up with so many!  

Next, students were sent to their groups and given mini whiteboards.  They were given a number and one of the new terms that they had learned and they had to express the number in the way that was asked.  After about 30 seconds "reveal" was announced and students were able to proudly display the work that they had done.  We had so much fun.  When students are given the white boards, it is amazing how much fun they have learning. Each person in the group was given a chance to answer a question, and then they passed it to the person to their right.  It is awesome to see the cooperation among students as they supported each other while they took turns answering.  Tomorrow, we will discuss regrouping: showing the same number in a different way

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