Thursday, 12 September 2013

Mathematics - Patterning Continued

Our math program is well on its way and we love patterning!

Our students are focusing on what attributes are and how they change within different types of patterns. First, we noticed changing attributes in natural objects and in ourselves, and today we explored changing patterns with different shapes.

Students worked collaboratively on a large sheet of paper to explore a patterning question. They were asked to discuss all of their ideas before writing and then record their solutions with as much detail as possible. They were also encouraged to use the mathematical vocabulary that we are using in class (attributes, colour, shape, size, orientation, patterns, etc.)
Students collaborating together to explore math.

How can we communicate our ideas in math clearly through

The students were encouraged to use math manipulatives and other resources around them to help them explore their solution before recording their ideas.
Students using resources around the classroom
to help solve new problems!

Students expressing their ideas in math through pictures. 

Exploring our solutions as a class to develop an idea of how to communicate clearly in our solutions.

We also discussed good communication skills while working with others; taking turns, sharing your ideas, sharing your feelings, and valuing the opinions and ideas of others. The students are also learning how to compromise and work together toward a common goal.


Sharing our ideas with others
 to come up with thoughtful solutions.
Giving suggestions to our classmates when we have
an idea to share!
Here are some of our solutions!

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