Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Inquiring about Patterning in Mathematics

Today Ms. Marra and Ms. Meehan decided to take the students outside to collect natural objects that they can find around our school environment. In small groups, the students collected a variety of objects in their baskets. These objects varied in shape, size, colour, and texture.

Some of the objects they collected were: rocks, branches, pine cones, and leaves (of different shapes, colours, sizes).

Upon returning to the classroom, the students were asked to sort their natural objects. After sorting their objects, classmates began to explore the unknown categories and tried to uncover what types of categories were used. From here we began exploring what patterning is and the various kinds of attributes that can be observed in patterns.

Not only did we begin to explore patterning in mathematics, but the students also examined their natural environment as well. This exploration also prompted a creative journal writing entry; "Which of the natural objects you would choose to be and why?". We love a creative writing piece! Perhaps a drama activity will come next!

Take a look at some of our pictures of our exploration and new patterns!

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