Saturday, 21 September 2013

I wonder... What's going on with all of this construction?

Our human line beginning to form in order to draw our safety line.
Last week, while the weather was still warm, we ventured out into our school yard to improve our school safety. We created a safety line around the school yard fence to help remind all students of a safe playing distance. 

We began to draw a very long safety line with our sidewalk chalk in front of the fences. Since our students are now experts on types of lines, we decided as a class that using a broken line to curve around the fence in a yellow coloured chalk will be the most effective way to reminds students to keep a safe distance from the fences. 

Two pieces of chalk were passed down the line and each student had to continue the broken line and ensure that they keep about 1 metre from the fence. We demonstrated what 1 metre looks like and made sure we all stood 1 metre from the fence. Our learning about lines continued and we even began to learn about measurement! 

Here are some of the students hard at work! 
The collaboration and efforts of all our students was amazing...

Passing on the chalk to the next person to continue the broken line.

Look at the precision of our broken lines! 

After we completed our broken line, the students began to naturally gather and begin to discuss their surroundings... and another LEARNING OPPORTUNITY was born! 

Ms. Meehan and Ms. Marra noticed the inquiry that was developing and decided to make a learning experience of it. Our students are very curious about what is developing in the construction site at our school. So we asked them to take a seat outside and ask questions about what they see...

Students naturally discussing what they see and what they think is happening around the construction site.
The construction that is occurring in our school's yard.

After having some time to observe, reflect, and discuss with other peers, the students were gathered back into our classroom and created an, "I WONDER..." question. 
Our students asked a lot of thoughtful and interesting questions! Take a look...

So, what's next? Well Ms. Meehan and Ms. Marra are going to see if the site coordinator of the construction site can come and visit our classes to answer the many questions we have! We are so excited to hear answers to our "I WONDER..." questions.

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