Monday, 23 September 2013

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Today Ms. Marra and Ms. Meehan discussed fiction and non-fiction text with the students.  We looked at their different text features and discussed different reading strategies that we could use while reading these texts. 
the anchor chart helped the students to classify their books
Next, students were partnered and went on a book hunt!  Their mission was to find two fictional and two non-fiction books in our class library.  Partners had to use good communication skills and cooperation to find the books that they needed to complete their mission.  
student cooperation
After they found their texts they had to classify them and give evidence to support the classification that they had chosen. 

Some groups realized that books were not as easy to classify as they thought.  For example, if there is a book about airplanes that does not have a beginning, middle or end but does not have a table of contents or an index does that mean that it is fiction or non-fiction?  

When students finished their classification they placed their books in three piles, fiction, non-fiction and "?"  Later in the week we will continue our discussion about texts.  We love reading!

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