Saturday, 14 September 2013

Exploring Different Kinds of Texts

Our Grade 3 students are given self-selected reading time in the class every single day. At this time they are encouraged to pick a text that they are interested in and read for about 15 minutes in a comfortable spot in the classroom.

Some of the texts that they choose are: magazines, fiction stories, picture books, novels, newspaper articles, comics, game-related books, non-fiction books, etc.

Maps of Monsters
As we noticed all of the variety of texts the students began to bring in... it gave us an idea for a teaching moment!

This week, we are going to begin the exploration and discussion of the various types of texts and the different purposes of specific texts based on what they students are reading (and interested in). 


More comics!


Non-Fiction Biographies
Picture Books

Many of our students enjoy sharing their texts and
reads with their classmates


Lego Battles

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