Thursday, 12 September 2013

Early 19th Century Canada - Exploring Social Studies

We began our exploration of Early 19th Century Canadian communities last week. We have integrated this topic into many different activities that we are exploring in the classroom.

One activity that we did was...

We provided 4 pictures to a group of students and asked them to brainstorm who they believe the objects in the pictures would be important to. 

Four pictures that represent important objects that the
women in the early 19th Century would use.
This began a discussion around the distinct roles in early 19th Century Canadian communities. Through this activity we began to discover that different groups of people in the community had different roles that were all very important.

Students began to wonder and ask more questions about how Aboriginal and First Nations people lived in Canada.
Students collaborating to figure out what these objects would
be used for and who they would be important to in an
early 19th Century Canadian community.


  1. Neat, where did you go with this?

  2. It was a great way to spark interest and curiosity in the topic of study. Once we explored these items in more detail there were a variety of activities that stemmed from this. One activity was in drama; students used this information to create various skits to display the roles of different groups of people in the communities and the uses and importance of these objects with those groups of people.