Saturday, 14 September 2013

All Kinds of Lines!

Spiral, arch, wavy, zigzag, looped and angled.  We have been discovering many different kinds of lines! They are everywhere!  Even inside our classroom and outside in nature.   We began by discussing the vocabulary that relates to the direction of a line (horizontal, diagonal or vertical) .  We found so many examples around us.  We also discussed the words thick, thin, solid and broken.  

Last week, the students were then given a design challenge.  They had to use several kinds of lines to create a picture of an object or place.  It was a great way for them to practice creating the different kinds of lines they had discovered, cooperate with a group, and also use their innovation and creativity to collaboratively come up with solution to the challenge.  By the end of our challenge we had beautiful a mountainscape, cityscape, a bicycle, a bear and many more.   

Yesterday, the sidewalk was our canvas.  Groups were given a sidewalk tile to claim as their own and fill with as many different kinds of lines as they could!  Each member of the group used the chalk to create one line and then passed it to another person in the group.  The cooperation was awesome.  

The sidewalks will stay decorated until mother nature decides to rain, come see our sidewalk graffiti while you can!

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